The Provvida Madre Foundation has been active in the Ticino Canton, in Switzerland, since 1970: its purpose is to operate facilities and services for children and adults with disabilities.
The Foundation welcomes children and adults suffering from severe mental retardation, often accompanied by physical and/or psychological disabilities, into its institutions.
The Foundation has a number of art ateliers available to guests: in this context, a project has been conceived to create an exhibition of the works created in the ateliers by the guests.
All adult disabled people who attend the Foundation can, during the daytime activities in the painting ateliers, realize different drawings and paintings. These works will be enhanced with frames and exhibited to the public within a special “Art Exhibition”, whose objectives are the following:

● To propose a rewarding and stimulating activity
● Enhancing the person through artistic production
● Create moments of socialization
● Create moments of socialization
● Encourage contact and outward opening
● Promoting cross-sector collaboration within the foundation

The exhibition of the works will be held at the cultural centre “La Filanda” in Mendrisio, a centre that encourages moments of socialization and inclusion in an important cultural environment. The works on display can also be purchased and the proceeds will be left to the artist.
The Giorgio Deiana Foundation has decided to support the Provvida Madre Foundation in this project of artistic enhancement of the guests’ activities.